A Thousand Winters - EP 2015

by A Thousand Winters

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released September 9, 2015

Written and recorded between 2012 and 2015 by A Thousand Winters, mixed and mastered in 2015 by Andrea "Christbeater" Moretti.
Out via 40 Dead Records in 2015 (40deadrec@gmail.com).



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A Thousand Winters Alessandria, Italy

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Track Name: Burnt By Past
Like rotten, torn dresses
Hiding yourself and your memories
You're leaving, them all behind

Like your bed, cold, empty
Those trees won't let you see the sun
You're hiding, from what you've done

In your eyes, your whole life
has, been, a failure
your days, burnt by past

Get over your conscience, and you'll see,
the fragments of your past lives,
lost memories, forgotten, that
will never be found

Get over your memories, can't you feel (your enemies, can't you see)
the burning pain from your past, (they're coming straight from
your mind)
deny it, and you will, be (realize it, and you won't, be)
forever lost in

This worthless society, (Burnt by past)
result of years of treason (to live's to suffer)
neverending pain comes from (to be forgotten)
knowing, the fault is all yours (doesn't mean forgiven)

Now (I cannot)
time to regali

No matter what I do my past' still haunting me and always will

Your eyes (reflecting)
What you've done
to become
an empty soul

Get over your conscience, it's all done,
like broken glass through your heart,
those past lives, forgotten, will
be buried in time

Get over your memories, what you see (your effort, to be free)
is just another error (is just another error)
the knowledge, of what you've, done (the knowledge, of what you've, done)
will lead you to get

lost in this tangle of dreams (Burnt by past)
denial is the reason (to live's to suffer)
understanding what has been (to be forgotten)
won't save, this useless future (doesn't mean forgiven)

Eternal, shall be your pain

Flowing, like a shadow, moving, like a mountain
In your mind, like a wave eroding, from your silent throne
You travel through shallow plains deep in your void
Your prayers devouring, my world

With your hands carving rain sculptures inside me
All those dreams, you see, were never too real
Keep digging my past with your frantic void
All I've been is gone, now I'm lost forever here

Your mind's, becoming my eyes I see through your past lives
I know that to live's to suffer
But forgiveness won't come with oblivion I know
I'm still looking for it
Forgotten like you

(Wash away all your pain burning inside me,
could it be? your dream is my past
but forgiveness won't come and I know that well
as I seal this door
all my past will never be)
Track Name: Through The Gate Of Inception
The stars await for me
their lights will fade someday
when they'll be gone a blaze
will open up the gate

Through time and space a new path will reveal our fate

No matter how hard will be the fight
how many ones left behind
My path is right I can't go astray
My will is strong I won't fail

Now that your eyes can see just close them
and let me be your guide

For once again I'm free
There must be some place there for me
My mind is clear, the gate
has opened up I feel no more pain

Follow my voice I will lead you to where it's all
starting again where the time and the truth become one

This place's inside the heart of a dying
reality that failed to be eternal

I will never cease
to be 'cause I'm forever
the gate will be closed again

New stars will blaze in empty skies as that many
pages are written with their lights on books with no
titles that no one'll ever read kept locked in another
reality that's still and will never be

No matter how long will be the night
how many times I will die
My path is right I can't go astray
My will is strong I won't fail

Now that your eyes are once more open
just let me be you
Track Name: A Frozen Veil
Blinded by thousand years of echoes, forbidden visions
Like a shapeless music going on and on
(I will never get through the veil)
Is it all unreal? what am I supposed to feel
when there is nothing left to be found or lost
(I am stuck here forever)

Like shapeless music that gets through my veins
A cold blade's piercing the heart of my own self
It kills me corrupts me devours my past
My future's like echoes of chants that never were

Nothing's clear, we try to reach the moon behind this veil,
Is that real? How could it be that we feel warmness of her light
(we were born to chase her light)

Haunted by fear of treason, your spirit's lost the vision
Getting used to be one like you're alone
(I can't see through all of this hate)
In this blend of feelings, scents, music, colors and seasons
cold teardrop falling frozen, you've failed again
(I become what I never was)

To be again where I belong

And you will see the falling rain
soaking yourself to become like her
And you will feel like pouring rain
washing away dreams of loneliness
And you will see throughout the land
that winter's dying to rise again
(I will be forever)

So you'll become one with his cold embrace
You'll be forever and ever together

I know there's gonna be more than this
I am once and again where I'm supposed to be
I am complete
But I still feel the pain
When winter dies I shall rise

So rise again
(an eternal ice that never melts)
Like freezing rain
(my throne of winter dominance)

Now you can feel again
(I'm lifting the veil)
And rule on this dead land
(To see the Moon again)
Forever will be
(frozen with me)
Your winter never ends

It's almost done
(I will be for all time)
Another winter is rising and I
(I know I have no body)
know this will be
(I am of pure eternal pain)
The death of me
(So reign with me)
Track Name: Deathbringer/Lifemaker
So overwhelming the trees appear
To me, eternally rest in fear
The sky, gray, cold of endless rain
Cursed me all over this shallow plain

Darkness' surrounding me
Please blood now stop your rush
I'm way beyond my salvation
All hope is lost

I spread my blackened wings, entangled in sin
The face of darkness where all forever will sink
My body rests in the dark of that cold tower cell
My soul breath's like a pest growing inside me

My world has turned to ashes, now
It's crumbling with my mind
The poison within my horizon's spreading deadly

Bodies surrounding me
Their blood to quench my thirst
Devouring my final meal now
My time has come

More than pain, it was the blinding hunger
that guided my trembling hands on
that dreadful day, my last one.

Massive and fierce those mountains
Watching the winds' last gathering
So weak I can just prostrate
And set before the sun itself

The hunger's finally gone
Faded within their last breath
Abomination's my name
I can't avoid that
(Who am I?)
I'm in this tower alone
Surrounded by my regret
They will remember my name
Traitor of my race

My world's this frozen river now (I can't just forget)
Bound here by my bites
I couldn't stand the hunger so I just ate them
(for every bite I was condemned forever)