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Blinded by thousand years of echoes, forbidden visions
Like a shapeless music going on and on
(I will never get through the veil)
Is it all unreal? what am I supposed to feel
when there is nothing left to be found or lost
(I am stuck here forever)

Like shapeless music that gets through my veins
A cold blade's piercing the heart of my own self
It kills me corrupts me devours my past
My future's like echoes of chants that never were

Nothing's clear, we try to reach the moon behind this veil,
Is that real? How could it be that we feel warmness of her light
(we were born to chase her light)

Haunted by fear of treason, your spirit's lost the vision
Getting used to be one like you're alone
(I can't see through all of this hate)
In this blend of feelings, scents, music, colors and seasons
cold teardrop falling frozen, you've failed again
(I become what I never was)

To be again where I belong

And you will see the falling rain
soaking yourself to become like her
And you will feel like pouring rain
washing away dreams of loneliness
And you will see throughout the land
that winter's dying to rise again
(I will be forever)

So you'll become one with his cold embrace
You'll be forever and ever together

I know there's gonna be more than this
I am once and again where I'm supposed to be
I am complete
But I still feel the pain
When winter dies I shall rise

So rise again
(an eternal ice that never melts)
Like freezing rain
(my throne of winter dominance)

Now you can feel again
(I'm lifting the veil)
And rule on this dead land
(To see the Moon again)
Forever will be
(frozen with me)
Your winter never ends

It's almost done
(I will be for all time)
Another winter is rising and I
(I know I have no body)
know this will be
(I am of pure eternal pain)
The death of me
(So reign with me)


from A Thousand Winters - EP 2015, released September 9, 2015
Written and recorded between 2012 and 2015 by A Thousand Winters, mixed and mastered in 2015 by Andrea "Christbeater" Moretti.



all rights reserved


A Thousand Winters Alessandria, Italy

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